Sunday, January 1, 2012

Wet n' Wild Palettes! Pt. 2

Hey! It's 2012!
I can't believe it... gahh the year was so fast! well... near the end it was. The holidays were kinda a blur to me... I consider it the first "adult Christmas"... more time spent stressing before hand than counting down the days XP Anyway, let's finish the palette swatches before I forget again :)

The second Wet n' Wild palette I got was a set of 8 eyeshadows called "Comfort Zone", which is probably the best name for a neutral/ natural colored palette XP  :
The palette has one side of "everyday" browns and neutrals, and the other side has three colors good for a green smokey eye... and then one that stands above them all :D
Yes please!
As always, they were swatched according to the palette and how they were organized there :)
One thing I really like about WNW palettes is that they label the uses of the colors "Browbone", "Eyelid", Crease", and "Definer"..... nice touch :)
Now for the swatches row by row:
 First up, the Browbone colors- a champagne-y white and kind of a green tinted light silvery.... thingy.

 Next is the eyelid colors- a golden bronze shade and a light spring green

 These are the Crease colors: a tarnished gold-bronze with a touch of copper, and a dark forest green with lots of gold glitter

 Last, Definer colors: a deep, rust/ blood red color with gold glitter, and the magic color!

This shadow is... wow. BEEEEUUUTIFUL!
The base color here is a rusty red, but probably the most noticeable part of this is that bright, brilliant aqua blue flash. Stunning! I'm thinking I might have to franken a nail polish with this.... I'm in love :D

The application on these is a dream- they are probably the smoothest, softest, and most pigmented shadows I own. Even the glitter shades are suuuuper smooth- kind of unexpected, but you definitely get the glitter on your eyes. I absolutely love this palette! Dare I say better than MAC? Yes... Yes I do.
I have one tiny complaint. The magic color? It doesn't go with the palette. I'm not quite sure how to use it... I would use the "definer" colors as a liner, or maybe a way to intensify the crease color, but it just doesn't match with its side. I'll hafta play around with it a little to figure out uses for it (that are un-nail polish related)

Anyways, I hope you had a great 2011, and an even better 2012! (gahh... now I need to remember to put the right year for the date on all my school papers! blech....)

Luv y'all!

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