Monday, January 16, 2012

Nicole by OPI "Nicole's Nickle"

Alrighty then. Today's NOTD is from Nicole by OPI. And I looooove it!

This polish does have a story, and while it's fairly simple, I think it adds something special. During a club volleyball season, my friend Jill started calling me Nickle... and so was born an inside joke :D (we had many more.... if you saw the shirt she signed it would say "Aww Nickle, you made me ink... lobster bisque soup!" and I don't expect any of you to understand that at all ;)  ) Anyways, I picked up this bottle in a store a while ago, and saw the name and instantly smiled. I mean c'mon! "Nicole's Nickle"??? a glitter, AND a good name? Perfection! But I didn't have enough money, so I didn't get it. And so started the cycle- "It's still here!" "I don't need it..." "I found it!" "Maybe another time....", So on and so forth. But when I had a Target giftcard, and there it was, I grabbed it. And here we are today!

 Nicole by OPI "Nicole's Nickle". Mmmmmm silver glitter... I needed this. It's sort of a tarnished silver base with two sizes of silver glitter- a small particled one and a medium sized hex shaped one. This was two coats! Not exactly one coat glitter, but it's definitely too dense to be layered. And I'm not sure with that smokey silver base I would want to layer it- Unless it's over black, it would make the underwear look icky and foggy. I think it's a stunner just the way it is. After about the 6th finger or so, application got a little gluggy. I had to put on the cap and shake it a little to get it to work with me for the second coat.
 I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but when it separates from not being shaken, there's a distinct blue liquid floating in there. So in different lights, it may be blue toned... I'll have to wait and see. One good thing about this picture? You can see the different sizes of glitter in there.
 Just a picture of the brush. This is a fairly new brush for as much as  I know- you can see below a brush I have in an older Nicole polish:
Nicole by OPI "Flirt Alert"
 This is my first ever Nicole by OPI polish, called "Flirt Alert" I used this soooo much as a kid- there's only about half a bottle left :( but this is the original brush- the usual smaller brush that is mostly like China Glaze brushes.
And just for fun, here's a picture of the front label. New bottles don't have this, but it says "Colors with a Conscience"... wonder why that's not on newer bottles XP honestly? Conscience? I still don't understand it :P

So there we have it! I wonder what will be on the nails.... tomorrow? ;)

Love y'all!

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