Friday, January 6, 2012


Guys. Guys. Crisis has erupted.
This is not the "I broke a nail" crisis, or the "I dropped an eyeshadow and it cracked" crisis. It is much larger than that. It is the "nail polish company named a new, very less awesome polish the same name as the most coveted one from that same brand" crisis.
I learned about this monstrosity from Scrangie- click to see the full article. I will now rant, as I see fit. (again, I will die a deadly death. Of deadness.)

You've heard of Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure, right? The original flakie goodness that polish hoarders over the years have come to want and need? Now, personally, I've gotten over it. I have Nubar 2010, and Essie Shine of the Times, so I have my flakies... not that I don't want more, but I digress xp

Anyways, when I went to Scrangie's site the other day to see if she posted anything new, the first thing I saw was the title: " Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure 2012"
My first thought? "Ohmygoodness are they re-releasing it?"
Then I scrolled down to see the pictures; here is my thought process:
"wait, that's not flakie goodness."
*scrolls back up to reread title*
"no, wait this cannot be right. Just no."
"OMG it is true! Sally Hansen really has done this"

So you may be wondering why it's a big deal to me when, after all, I did say I had 2 flakie dupes for the original.Well, here's a list of reasons why this sucks.

1. EPIC CONFUSION! "I have Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure!" "No... you really don't"
2. This second version is an outrageously poor excuse for "Hidden Treasure"- they didn't even try to live up to the 1st version... they practically took "Ring My Shell" and put a new sticker on it.
3. Probably the worse reason to me: corrupt eBay sellers (more lovingly called the evilBay). People aren't stupid- they can sell this for loads of cash when it's not the real one. All they do is post a blurry picture, a generic description, and send you the $8 polish from Walgreens for $50+. And they can't get in trouble- you bought an item called Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. You received Sally Hansen Hidden Treasure. There's nothing you can do.

So Sally Hansen, why must you do this to us? Why????

So, I will now create a new term in the polish world: MPJS, otherwise known as "My Private Jet Syndrome"
(I reference of course OPI's My Private Jet that is famous for having upwards of 8 versions, none of them as good as the first.) It can be defined as this:

n: The term used to describe a polish/ brand that releases an underwhelming version of an original, much loved polish; also see "A load of crap"

Luv y'all!

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