Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Swap

I was looking at my blog updates, and saw quite a few blog sales up. And while I don't want to deal with paypal, I would like to *attempt* a swap. I'll post all the fine print stuff down below, but here's what I have to offer, and some stuff I'd like.... But I'm not picky, so any swap someone wants to arrange is fine by me :)

First up- custom franken polishes.
At the moment, I have plenty of supplies to make about 5-10 frankens per swap (max). I am able to make a lot of interesting glitter combos, and feel free to ask about anything :) I also have some pigments to make duochromes and such :) The bottles are around 6 ml- the standard TKB Trading Justine bottles. Feel free to request several of one color so you have more. I'll send pictures of the polishes I've made for you in the swap so you know you'll like them, and I plan on giving 2 extra as "mystery polishes". :D

I also have access to the Sinful Colors line, Wet n' Wild, and most other drugstore brands. Just ask and I'll see if I can get my hands on it :)

Any other cosmetics or supplies go on ahead and  ask about.

Also, I recently got a HUGE bag of Kaolin Clay from TKB Trading. It's a fantastic oil absorber- I use it as a setting powder for my face and eyes everyday. But there's a lot in an 8 ounce bag, so just ask and I'll fill a standard pill jar with it.

Now what I'll trade for:
-Duo-chrome pigments/ glitters.The glitters do have to be solvent resistant as I'll use them in frankens.
-Any special effects top coats. I like pretty color changey stuff :)
-Magnetic polishes/ magnets
-MAC cosmetics. I honestly just want something so I can say I have MAC, so I wont be picky :)

As I've said a lot in this post, I'm not picky. At all :)

Now the fine print stuff: (AKA boooooring)
-The stuff I send you is confined to the bubble-wrapped envelopes. I can get different sizes, however nothing can be really fat.
-I won't be able to do international shipping for polishes. Customs is to annoying to deal with, and it's kinda sorta illegal. HOWEVER: If you wanted me to make you a franken out of pigments or glitters, I can send you a mix of what I would add, and you can just throw it in some clear polish. I can send dry ingredients, and non- laquer cosmetics.
-I won't sell stuff yet :/ I don't wanna deal with paypal and all that sorry! At this point, swaps only

Aaaaand that's it.

oh... no it's not!

So I had an idea, and it may seem stupid, but let's throw it out there. If you get anyone to follow my blog, and then you order something, for every person who says you sent them, you can have an extra polish of your choice :) So ya... let's see how this works!

Luv y'all!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Franken #1- Mermaid's Bliss

So when I say Franken #1, I don't mean my first franken ever made. I simply mean it's the first one I've posted about :)

So here we have Mermaid's Bliss. In the bottle, it's a sea-blue green with tons of different types of glitter. I am so sorry, I really am, but I couldn't give you the recipe if I wanted to. I just remember using TONS of different polishes, and the only two I can actually remember are Icing Frost Yourself and Jesse's Girl Glee. That's all I remember, but there is soooooo many more. Sorry!! I promise to write down every recipe from now on!

 These are all swatched over black. as you can see, you lose most of the blue base. :( But there is tons of glitter in there. And it's all pretty different- it reminds me of a more delicate multi- glitter top coat. Some nice holo glitter in there too.

I was in Lush on Saturday and the sales woman I was talking to grabbed my hands and started tilting them in the light. She asked where I got the polish, and when I said I'd made it she was pretty excited :P But she suprised me- I'm so used to having to dumb- down the beauty talk around my friends (because let's be honest- none of my friends will understand if I say I bought a really pretty duo-chrome with some holographic glitter.) But she asked if I swatched it over black, and said she loved the little holographic glitters in it.

Well played, Lush Lady. Well played.

Oh and sorry for the tip wear. This is after 5 days of wear (which is an abnormally long amount of time for me.)

Some close-ups of the bottle. I'm dying to try this over a green!

Thanks for reading! I hope to post a lot more of my frankens- I have a lot to catch up on!

Luv y'all!

I am alive....

Yes, I do still exist, I've just had other stuff goin on. I have a TKB Trading haul, lots of swatches, and some of my frankenpolishes to show you. What should I do first? Feel free to tell me below!

Luv y'all!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hunger Games Nail

Yes, just singular nail. The rest were sub-par, so I decided to ignore their existance.... and I'm happy with the thumb though :D

Now I have my own little mockingjay logo to keep me safe... I am ready to kill me some Careers :D

Also, I need ideas! Nail art suggestions anyone?

Luv y'all!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Them Pats Gonna Win...

...Or at least they betta!! (EDIT: y'all suck patriots.) I did some New England Patriots nails because after all, this Sunday is like.... the most important (EDIT: fail )day of the year. So there xP

I decided to pick my (EDIT: now least )favorite player and honor him. (Giselle ain't got nothin on me)  <-- clearly a joke....

Polishes used:
Sally Hansen Cherry Red (background)
Wet n' Wild French White Creme (white stripey)
Art Club Striper in Blue (blue stripeys)
Wet n' Wild Black Creme (letters)

Just somethin quick and team spirited. As a Boston resident, I feel like I needed to do this...

Also, it made me quite annoyed that both the freakin teams have the same colors. Like seriously NY? NO!!

So that's why I had to write Patriots on my thumb. Cause there's always that guy who thinks he's funny and asks if you're rooting for New York.... Blaaaah!

Luv y'all!
(and bring home the trophy Pats!)
(EDIT: i no longer like the aforementioned team. so there.)

Holo-ey Holo Omnoms #2

Quicky post today! This is my lovely Nina Ultra Pro "Purple X-ing" (stupid stupid name....)

Let's just pretend the holo is more sparkly and magnificent on this than the pics show.... It really is pretty.

However, this is a jelly, so this was about three coats. Not super opaque-looking on the first 2 coats, but the third finishes it. Preeeettyyy :)

Luv y'all!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nail of da Day!

Hey everyone!

So my friend challenged me to do nails by bubzbeauty on youtube.... and that I did. But I added Sir Wormington, so they're instantly better :D

 Polishes used: Sally Hansen Cherry Red (apple)
                       Wet n' Wild Black Creme and White Creme (details)
                       Revlon Espresso (stem)
                       Color Club Take Me to Your Chateau (background)
                       Color Club Love 'Em Leave 'Em (Sir Wormington)

Me likes :) Thanks for the challenge Briana!

Luv y'all!