Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holo-ey Holo Omnoms #1

Yes, I now introduce a new segment here on Polish for Thought: HHO (Holo-ey Holo Omnoms) Here, we will spotlight all the delicious holographic polishes we can get our hands on! I decided to start with the best linear holo I own- Glitter Gal "3D Silver Holographic" Mmmmmm....

this picture's cool.....

indirect lighting
This was one coat over Essie "The Sexy Divide" :

that was obviously pre-cleanup...

My main complaint about the holo polish is that it's a little tough to manage the brush- its long and flimsy, so it kinda mops on the polish. and I might thin it because you can barely tell it's purple under there... and I also want to stretch the bottle as long as I can ;)

So there you have it!! Can't wait to do more of these HHO's!!

Luv y'all!
P.S- This wore soooo well! at the end of 8 lazy days all I had was a little tip wear and one minor chip!

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