Thursday, June 21, 2012

Updates and such.....

Oh hi!
So i know... I haven't been posting ANY polish pics lately.... to be honest, I've really hated all my recent manicures... I've been trying some cool ideas out to show you, but they all suck, and then my summer laziness takes over... and I'm freakin running out of Seche! Like NOOOOOOOOOO. And all I want to wear is glitters... so I'm in a pickle jar of danger. And I asked my mom to buy me polish remover.... pure acetone.... she gets the useless protein-enriched crap that does nothing.... I ask her to pick me up some PURE ACETONE cuz I can't really use the other stupidness.... I stress the PURE FREAKIN ACETONE so much, and she literally buys the same stuff as before *insert face palm here* Ahhh well....


If you understand the above reference, I love you.

So I've been super crafty lately: I've been making friendship bracelets, (cuz inside I am a strong living 12 year old :P) painting stuff, and making nail polish jewelry... so nothing really pertaining to this blog... What? Nail polish jewelry is relevant? Oh! Okeys! So if you wanna see what I've made so far, feel free to comment and request it!

Anything else I'm forgetting? Um........ Oh ya! So I wanted to run something by you guys, see if you wanted to see what... I will see... in the future.... Hooray for awkward wording!!

So this summer I have a few cool things to do, and I was wondering if y'all wanted either photos of these experiences, or vlogs. So far the most noteable things to cover add up to 3 things (technically 2, you can kinda group 2 together...) I'll tell you them now.... obviously...

1. I'm going to Johnson and Wales University for 2 weekends to do 2 "career exploration" courses- Baking and Pastry Arts and Fashion. I figure these are more of journal-type situations rather than pictures... but whatever! (see they're 2 things, but they go together)
2. Ohhhhh Canada! Yes! I am voyaging to Canada to celebrate the anniversary of my birth :D Wheeeew!
I'm going to Montreal, and Quebec, and to Bar Harbor on the way back. My friend Briana and I shall be vlogging this, since it's much more apt to the whole "follow me around" type stuff. And trust me, it won't just be walking around looking at stuff- we have lotsa awesome stuff planned.

So ya! polish pics to come as soon as I can, and that's about it!

Luv y'all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Guys..... just..... ah! I check my Blogger dashboard everyday..... and when I saw this I practically got heart palpitations. I seriously just froze. CRISTINA:

This whole post is gonna be meme-loaded.... so prepare yourselves.

I mean..... I'm on Let Them Have Polish! This seriously made my whole life. I finished school this past Friday, (thank the good Lord) so not only did this start off my summer on the highest point possible, but since summer is here, manymanymanymanymanymany posts shall be coming! I know I've been kinda lazy with the blogging... I so sowie. But trust me, summer is the perfect time to spam you guys!

So finally, a huge all-encompassing thank you to Cris..... you are freakin spectacular and the cause of my fan girling moment I just had <3

And one more meme.... cuz i can :D

It's allllll mine right now....

Thanks again to Cris and all her readers!

Luv y'all!