Wednesday, November 21, 2012

All the Past Manis.....


So I'm a terrible blogger. I just procrastinate and procrastinate... I'm sorry.


This is 3 polishes layered :) So, the above manicure includes:

Wet n' Wild Blue Moon
CND Nail Effects Turquoise Sparkle
Essie Shine of the Times

I quite liked this! Every polish in this is duochromey so it looked AWESOME in sunlight. I reccommend if you have these to try out the combo!

I also tried this matte:

By the way I'm loving my new camera, the macro is pretty good... except for the fact that if I move my hands in the SLIGHTEST WAY it just blurs out on me D:

This is also Wet n' Wild Blue Moon, with an accent nail of a franken I made. It has some holo glitter in there... I honestly forget half the stuff i put in there, but it's really pretty over blues. I'm starting to realize that all these manicures pretty much resemble each other... Blue/ glittery topcoat phase? I think so :)

Annnnd another franken! Haha i really need to start writing down the recipes for these... Anyways this is a base of a GOSH polish that doesn't have a name on it... It's a typical darkened teal though, so you can find dupes easily enough. The accent nail is, predictably, a franken. I love this one though, I use it all the time.

This last one is Sinful Colors Nail Junkie. An oldie but goodie, I added about 17 drops of thinner to this xD But still as beautiful as ever! A teal jelly base with small and larger hex iridescent glitters.

So that's all for now! Thanks for not hating me as much as you could have!

Luv y'all!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's Catch Up Shall We?

So after that long blogging break, I had a lot of new polishes, and a lot of new manicures. However, I only remembered to actually take pictures of 3 of them. So, in an attempt to catch you guys up, here we go!

This lovely one is Milani's Dude Blue, with an accent nail topped in Essie's Shine of the Times. I really love flakies.... and I've actually really been loving this blue- I think I've worn it twice in the past month. Which is.... exceptional. Really great application with it, and it's darn near perfect in 2 coats. I really recommend this!

This is the Milani swatched all by itself. I got this for my birthday in August (thanks Emily!)

This is Color Club's Untamed Luxury. This is STUNNING on the nail! I'm sure you've seen a thousand swatches of this by now, but it's a teal blue green jelly, with BEAUTIFUL glitter. It's really multi-dimensional for a fairly simple polish.

How I love new collections. Especially by drugstore brands. This, my lovely readers, is L'oreal's The Temptress' Power. Wow. I really love this one. It's a smooth warm-toned gold with a bright green flash. You can see that really well in the bottle shot below. In very certain lights, there's a little blue around the edges. I really like it. It's also surprisingly opaque- I believe this was 2 to 3 coats.

So that's that! I plan on posting all throughout the week, maybe even doing themes :)
Luv y'all!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oh my!

Loooooooooooooooooooooooooong time no post guys!

Sorry I left you hanging for so long, junior year of high school was calling! Anyways, I wanted to throw up this little post to alert you that a super post shall be coming this week! catching you up on some of my past manis of course. Also, I got a new camera so prepare for more awesome pictures!

'Tis all for now lovelies! See you later on this week!

Love y'all!

Monday, July 30, 2012

London Olympics!

Well Hi Guys!

Long time no post... gah I can't keep up a blog break! It kills me to be away! I was so busy, and anytime I wanted to fit bloggin in life was all "Helllll nah!"


So my mom and I are total nerds for the Olympics. My dad said the other day that his favorite olympic event is watching us, because we get so overly excited over things that we have no expertise in. I think we all know people like that- you can magically become a gymnastics snob at Olympic time, and your brain immediately goes into know-it-all mode. It's just lovely and awesome in so many ways.

So, in honor of the home of the 30th Olympiad, I have some Union Jack nails for you today. I do wish I only did this as an accent nail though- all the nails is a little much for me, but I still love 'em! I'm ever so patriotic for a country I don't even live in :)

EEK blurry blurry!! Why is the last picture the only good one?? Soooo sorry 'bout that guys! In any case, here is my Union Jack. I'm happy with it :) I was rushing with this though, so my lines could have been much cleaner. Maybe I'll revisit these when I have more time to be careful...

God the blurries just get worse...

Ahhh that's better!! Thanks sol- you never disappoint. I don't know if you can tell from the pictures, but the red is actually the Art Deco striper in "Red Glitter". RG is really different from the other glitter stripers Art Deco sells, because it isn't pure glitter- it's this really interesting red jelly-leaning-to-crelly base with 2 differnt shapes of red glitters. Superfine and regular fine glitter. I really want to do a full mani in this, it's really unexpectedly complex. And for a Dollar Tree item, it's worth picking it up!

Well that's all for this post today! I will be leaving for Canada on the 3rd, (!!) so I'll be on another blogging hiatus for a week :( but I'll be back with a vengeance, I promise!

Luv y'all!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Help guys!

Ok. I know in the past I have posted telling you about my lemmings and such, but now is the time my readers NEED to help me. This is not just a lemming- I have an idea brewing with this one.

So I'm sure by now you've heard of OPI Black Spotted- that shatter-like concept that looks more like an oil spill on your nails? ya. that. Need. Not just because it looks cool as a product, but because I have a very specific idea I want to try with it.

Now I've debated whether or not I wanted to tell you guys what I've been thinking- did I want someone to steal my precious idea and do it themselves? Or did I want to wait long enough to get mine before mentioning it? Well, I have come to the decision I shall tell you, as it is unlikely I can get this and it's like I'm getting this on record as my idea xD But if you do use this idea, tell me how it went!! I'd love to know if it does :)

Ok. My idea is to franken with it. Now I don't mean using it to darken another color, hoping it'll still be spotty. People who own this have described it as the aforementioned "oil slick" effect. What I wanted to try was to make it even closer to that. TKB Trading has a pigment, which I own, call "Travel to Pluto". It's green, it's pink, it's so much duo-multi-chromeyness that I lovee. Now to those who may not know this method, if you add a duochrome pigment to a black polish, it makes a cool dark smokey duochrome- got to Dr. Frankenpolish's blog to see some examples there.

Now. If one were to put a rainbow-duochrome pigment in Black Spotted, it would have that duo-chrome, no? And it would still spot, provided you put in just the right amount of pigment. (I did something similar with glitter in black shatter that worked well) So not only would it be oil-slick spotty, it would also have that weird iridescent rainbow oil can have.

So that's that I suppose. If anyone could be so freakin awesome as to swap some Black Spotted with me, or if I could buy it off ya, I would love you forever.... and I'd be able to test my theory :D

So ya. Let's see how this goes then :)

Luv y'all!!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Updates and such.....

Oh hi!
So i know... I haven't been posting ANY polish pics lately.... to be honest, I've really hated all my recent manicures... I've been trying some cool ideas out to show you, but they all suck, and then my summer laziness takes over... and I'm freakin running out of Seche! Like NOOOOOOOOOO. And all I want to wear is glitters... so I'm in a pickle jar of danger. And I asked my mom to buy me polish remover.... pure acetone.... she gets the useless protein-enriched crap that does nothing.... I ask her to pick me up some PURE ACETONE cuz I can't really use the other stupidness.... I stress the PURE FREAKIN ACETONE so much, and she literally buys the same stuff as before *insert face palm here* Ahhh well....


If you understand the above reference, I love you.

So I've been super crafty lately: I've been making friendship bracelets, (cuz inside I am a strong living 12 year old :P) painting stuff, and making nail polish jewelry... so nothing really pertaining to this blog... What? Nail polish jewelry is relevant? Oh! Okeys! So if you wanna see what I've made so far, feel free to comment and request it!

Anything else I'm forgetting? Um........ Oh ya! So I wanted to run something by you guys, see if you wanted to see what... I will see... in the future.... Hooray for awkward wording!!

So this summer I have a few cool things to do, and I was wondering if y'all wanted either photos of these experiences, or vlogs. So far the most noteable things to cover add up to 3 things (technically 2, you can kinda group 2 together...) I'll tell you them now.... obviously...

1. I'm going to Johnson and Wales University for 2 weekends to do 2 "career exploration" courses- Baking and Pastry Arts and Fashion. I figure these are more of journal-type situations rather than pictures... but whatever! (see they're 2 things, but they go together)
2. Ohhhhh Canada! Yes! I am voyaging to Canada to celebrate the anniversary of my birth :D Wheeeew!
I'm going to Montreal, and Quebec, and to Bar Harbor on the way back. My friend Briana and I shall be vlogging this, since it's much more apt to the whole "follow me around" type stuff. And trust me, it won't just be walking around looking at stuff- we have lotsa awesome stuff planned.

So ya! polish pics to come as soon as I can, and that's about it!

Luv y'all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012



Guys..... just..... ah! I check my Blogger dashboard everyday..... and when I saw this I practically got heart palpitations. I seriously just froze. CRISTINA:

This whole post is gonna be meme-loaded.... so prepare yourselves.

I mean..... I'm on Let Them Have Polish! This seriously made my whole life. I finished school this past Friday, (thank the good Lord) so not only did this start off my summer on the highest point possible, but since summer is here, manymanymanymanymanymany posts shall be coming! I know I've been kinda lazy with the blogging... I so sowie. But trust me, summer is the perfect time to spam you guys!

So finally, a huge all-encompassing thank you to Cris..... you are freakin spectacular and the cause of my fan girling moment I just had <3

And one more meme.... cuz i can :D

It's allllll mine right now....

Thanks again to Cris and all her readers!

Luv y'all!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

My Lemmings (are out of control)

So. You know that time when you look at your lemming list and think, "Damn.... I'm never getting ANY of these....." Ya. I get that feeling a lot. The sad part is not all of my lemmings are all that expensive- a lot of the times I really just want ONE polish from a brand. *sigh* I have a 1,000 polish taste on a 300 polish budget.... though that isn't even right because I buy like.... 3 polishes a month. Anyways, that confusing sentence behind us, let's get to the list. I'm sorry I don't have pictures, but after all..... they're lemmings for a reason. :/

Individual Polishes:
*FLOAM!!!!! omg yes I need Nailventurous Floam. Like.... Number 1 lemming here.
Sally Hansen Opulent Cloud.... just.... ya. It's magical to me.
*Clarin's 230. You had to know that'd be on here. I NEEDZ DA UNICORN PEE!
Nfu-oh 61/ Gosh Holographic- I just needz those perfections- I mean, they are THE holographic silvers.
OPI My Private Jet- The good holo one. I will settle for no less. (even though I have the less...)
*OPI Midnight Blue Glitter. Just ughh sssssooooo purty. This is probably the most attainable of my lemmings
OPI Sanderella/ You Mica Me Blush! It's holo-ey goodness. Why wouldn't I want them?
Sally Hansen Turquoise Opal.... Is there anyone who doesn't want this polish?
*OPI Blue Lagoon- It's just beautiful. That is all.
Cult Nails Clairvoyant- see explanation above. ^
Rimmel London Mania. Just mmmmmmm

Now there are some things out there where I just want me some of 'dat. In other words, these are brands I just flat out want something, ANYTHING from. Just to say I have it :D

The Ozotics. The fact that they effin discontinued ALL the good ones makes me so upset. But I has need.
Cult Nails. I don't think I've disliked any of their polishes- sure I have favorites, but I likes 'em all!
Deborah Lippmann- I may have one, but now I want more :/
Nfu-oh. Flakies and Holos and Aqua Base Oh my!
Catrice polishes seem pretty legit.....
Chanel. Just to say I have something Chanel.
Illamasqua- Have you seen their colors??? Bacterium? Yus please!
Butter London- Again, I have 2 already, but those Lippy sets? and omg some of those gorgeous colors.... yes.
Nars polish- Again, just to say I have Nars.
The CND Nail Effects, Because duo-chromes and glass flecks are where it's at.
Nailventurous. Just because all of her creations are perfect.
And really any unique Etsy brands. I like the idea of a custom made polish just for me :)

So those are me lemmings! And just to throw it out there, if ANY of you guys have these and wouldn't mind being awesome, leave a comment so we ca work out a swap!! PLZZ I WILLLOVE YOU FOREVERS!!!

Luv ya'll!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Floam Fever

no..... i no haz not da floamy good stuffs.

BUT ME WANTS EET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hair Shall Be Choppethed!

Hi guys! So this is my "before" post of my hair: I'm getting a haircut, and I wanted to document my hair length and give some hair tips while I'm at it. Is this nails related? Ermmmm no. But change is refreshing isn't it?

Ignore my ugly face in the first pic lol xP no makeup...... anywhos, this is the length. to my chest in the front, and mid back. I straightened it for this picture, but it rarely cooperates with me.... gahh curse my thick hair!!!! Literally I straighten it in 6 layers. Gosh I guess we always want a hair type we can't have :p

So ya! This is it. To those who were wondering, I got my hair dyed a while ago (maybe 3-4 months?) to a dark brown... this has started to wear off a bit, but my hair on the left in the first picture shows what it normally looks like- sorta a medium toned brown. I normally just get trims, I think the last time I got a new style was like 6th grade ;D But back then I didn't have the motivation to actually do my hair every morning. So this shall be different!!! But... I'm not telling you what I'm doing! Take yur bets! Make yur guesses! Because I'm not getting it done until this Saturday :p At least you guys get to see the pic once I get the cut- I'm not posting any pictures on Facebook because it's a surprise for my best friend..... She doesn't even know i'm changing my hair!

Also, she didn't recognize me at all when I got it 2 shades darker... this should be interesting >:D

Luv y'all!

Opal Nails FTW!

Long time no post guys! I have final exams quickly approaching..... blahhhhh Chem needs to leave my life. Anyways ;D So as many of you may recall, I can NOT deal with my nails being A) not glittery B) too subtle. I mean it's just one of my things- boring nails make me wanna rip the polish off! Which is sad... seeing as boring nails don't include glitter, they're WAYY easier to remove than fun nails... But I digress :D

So lately quite a few bloggers have raved about white polishes, (namely the OPI NYC Ballet collection) and I always sit there saying, "how can they love this?!?! It's just so boring!"

The other night though, I was watching Youtube vids (as expected....) and decided I wanted to franken a sheeeeeeer white polish for french manis. Basically I decanted out a whole bottle of white (I just used it to refill another white) and added clear to the white left on the sides of the bottle. It was deliciously milky and jellyish :D I'm in love to say the least- no VNL in two coats! I was inspired to add flakie goodness :) Enter Essie "Shine of the Times." Instant opals!

These were artificial light. Gah I love these....

Sunlight pics! Hells YES! It's finally nice out here :D Summer here I come!

So in conclusion: I give you verry purty, very long post ;D Hope ya likes, and I really hope you guys try this out!!!

Luv y'all!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Well Hello There Ombre!

I like a good ombre.... I also like a creme mani that doesn't bore me! Simply because it's easy to remove.... So I get to change my mind whenever :D

So I'm sure you'll recognize this.... use whatever technique you like for the look! For this I used Color Club Take Me To Your Chateau and the light blue, and Sally Hansen Pacific Blue as the dark part. I think it looks nice and springy and light :)

Like a nice summer sky :D

Sorry for the short post... I guess there's not too much to say on this one ;P OH! Just so y'all know, I have an.... interesting idea for a texture mani coming up! I seriously can't wait. Once I can get to Michael's I'll put up the post!! Yaaaay!

Luv y'all!

Gaaaaaaahhhhh Layering Blahswjfheiuwaalferiaoawesomeness

I just want to begin saying that I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally love this. Like a lot. I literally put this on about 3 minutes ago and took pics to post about immediately. I love it so much I made a franken bottle of this so I wouldn't forget the combo if I wanted to do it again. LUUUUUUV!

Here's what it started as: Wet n' Wild Black Creme and Icing Tiger's Blood:

Nice enough..... But far too Halloween-ey for me. Tiger's Blood is a sheer orange base with white, orange, and iridescent glitter. But those iridescents a few and far between, so it looks mostly like orange and white over black. So I added a Mylar flakie- basically OPI I Lily Love You, but the Forever 21 version. As with most F21 polishes, it doesn't really have a name- the label just says "pink". They couldn't be more wrong.

After the Mylarness, I looked at it..... and it was still all orangey! CURSES!!! Even though I had added a pinkiness, it was still Halloween! Gahhhd! But then, I thought, "Hey, maybe if I add a cooler-toned glitter it'll balance it out." So I added a no-name green glitter polish that came from a CVS Christmas tube thingy.

Dear brain:
I luv joo and yur rendom idears. Dey iz beeyootiful.

Just..... Gahh! I do love! I do!

These pictures seriously do not capture it's awesomeness. I tried, I really did.... I just don't think I was able to get a good lighting situation: 'tis dreary and sad here :(

Well that's all for today loves! Or is it..... >:D

Luv y'all!