Sunday, January 8, 2012

My OPI Collection

Hey guys! I just wanted to throw up a quick post for you today- the usual terrible pictures and lack of swatches xp. If you want individual swatches on these, just let me know!

 Just all of them thrown into a pile on my bed... is this a lot? a little? I'm not sure.... I do have a few dusties/ black labels in here though
Kennebunk-Port; Man of La-Mancha; Last Friday Night
 I'm a little iffy on Man of La-Mancha. I found this in a nail salon when I was dusty hunting because the multi chrome in this caught my eye. it had no label then, but after looking at swatches I feel pretty confident I have the right name now.
Glow-ink in the Dark; Not Like the Movies; No Room for the Blues
 Glow-ink in the Dark is a dusty- from a few Halloweens ago. I got it on eBay though- if you need to find an HTF polish, evilBay will service you.
Brisbane Bronze
 He's all by his lonesome 'cause I forgot him until the last second... oops!
Turquoise Shatter; Rally Pretty Pink; Ecuadorable Coral
 Ecuadorable Coral is black label. It's one of those cremes with shimmer in it.... that opaque yet shimmery kinda thing xp. I got this one from my best friend for my birthday (Thanks Talie!) which was totally unexpected. We had volleyball tryouts and I was almost sure she wouldn't remember... but she got me two polishes! yaaaay :D (the other was China Glaze- I'll show that in another post)
Play 'Till Midnight; Warm and Fozzie; My Private Jet
 I got Play 'till Midnight at CVS! For 3 bucks! oh and My Private Jet is the stupid non-holo version.... Don't get me started on that.
Save Me; DS Illuminate; Silver Shatter
 Save Me is from the new Nicki Minaj collection- I had to get it! its a silvery glitter base with holo bar glitter... and blue bar glitter! You don't realize the blue at first (I just thought it was the holo) but it adds really cool depth to the glitter
And This Little Piggy...; An Affair in Red Square; I Lilly Love You
I debated back and forth on whether or not to get I Lilly Love You but I saw it in real life and had to get it. You can't wear it by itself, but I never intended to do that any ways. I LOOOOVE it over black.

Whew! That's all of em! I'm thinking of just doing posts like this with the brands I own... Some will be long, others pathetically short, but ah well!

Luv y'all!

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