Monday, April 15, 2013


I just posted these, but due to recent events I'll post them again:

It hasn't really sunken in for me yet. Other tragedies that have happened in my life time have been pretty disconnected- horrible still, but not as powerful. But I live here. It's almost like my home was attacked. I will always be proud to be from Boston, and my thoughts and love go to everyone else affected by this. I have such amazing friends outside of this city though, all of whom checked to be sure I was ok immediately. While I was no where near the blasts, I still feel like somehow I'm affected along with everyone else. I've definitely seen that as a city and community, we stick together. And I'm proud of that, and I think everyone should focus on that. The best way to fight hate and violence is with love and peace.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Prom 2013

I realize this has nothing to do with my nail blog, but I'd like to share it anyways :) I had prom Friday night and I had a blast, So just wanted to show off my nails, dress and hair of the night.

First up, of course, are my nails. This is the same manicure I just posted about, except I used Orly Gumdrop as the base color.
 This was how I had my hair- originally the curls were down, but they were driving me nuts so I stole a few bobby pins from my friend and pinned some back. I love how this looks, I wish I had done it sooner so the pre-prom pictures looked like this!

And of course, the dress. It's an aqua one sleeve chiffon dress with ruching on the bodice and rhinestone accents. Also, a three layered skirt. It's a whole lot of material to handle! The skirt has amazing movement though- as I walked it would flow out to the sides, almost like a fan was blowing it. It was a tad too big, even after 2 sessions of alterations, but it still looked lovely and i was able to survive the night without any mishaps. 

 And just for fun, this is how the skirt looks when I twirl :) My friends started calling this the "Girl on Fire" dress, and it is very Katniss Everdeen indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Let me know about your prom memories as well!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Catch-up Day

Wow. I knew junior year would interfere with my blogging but I didn't think it would this much.

So sorry for the long break everyone! I do promise I'm back now, I'm working on setting up a schedule for constant blogging seeing as the school year is coming to a close.

So! I have two manicures to show you today.

First up is the trial-run for my prom nails this year. Prom is coming up this Friday for me, so I decided I should probably practice. I used Home Run by Pure Ice as the base, and then used a blue iridescent glitter mix by LA Splash in a gradient over it.


Next we have DS Temptation by OPI. It's a sheer blue base with mostly vibrant royal purple glitters, but also some silver. There are some very sparse blue and green glitters as well. This polish has a ton of dimension and it's incredibly vibrant- I loved it much more than I expected. This was 3 coats:

That's what I've been wearing lately! I'll try to post more regularly, and I believe I'll be doing a comparison swatching post coming soon. Thanks so much for coming by!

Luv y'all