Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Misc. Polishes from the Past Month or.... So....

Hey! Random Polish Haul! yes!

Okay... I want to preface this by saying I didn't plan for this well. At all. A good, meticulous blogger would have written down the day she got these, where, and how much they were. But no, I didn't do that. Silly stupidness.

This is just a general overview of what I got... if you want more in-depth swatches leave a comment below!
Pretty crazy right? some of this is self- purchases... others gifts.... all of it is lots of fun for me :D

1st group! The first 2 are stuff I got when shopping with my friend- her mom is a hairdresser, so she gets discounts at fanshy- shmanshy salon pro only places. (yay for having polish dealers!) and the last iis a present from said friend for Christmas
OPI "And this Little Piggy...", CND "Teal Sparkle", OPI "An Affair in Red Square"

Next are Christmas presents from various school friends :)
Butter London "Tart with a Heart" + "The Black Knight", Nails Inc Magnetic Polish "Whitehall", random mini polishes in blue glitter, green glitter, and a frosty blue, Hot Topic "neon green"
When I say "neon green" for that last Hot Topic one, I'm describing it- stupid Hot Topic polishes have no names >:( oh! this was a funny experience I had at Hot Topic- imagine walking in on a typical day, and having this conversation with the sales clerk:
HT: Hi how are you today?
Me: Good! How are you?
HT: I'm dying slowly on the inside... Everything's buy one get one half off.... not that it matters...

was that man a ray of sunshine or what?
Annnnnyyyywaaaaayyyssss... I digress.  These were part of a mall haul :)  <- gotta love rhymes :D
Icing "Frost Yourself", Icing "Birthday Beyotch", OPI "Save Me"
Okay let's discuss names here, Icing. Names are important to the sale of your polishes. I have so many multi colored glitters already, but I bought "Birthday Beyotch" shearly because that name made my day. However; "Frost yourself"? WTH???? You are sooo lucky I've been wanting this one, because the name is just upsetting. Who came up with "frost yourself"? Puh-leeeeze.
Ok... I digress again. Next? STOCKING STUFFERS! The best stocking stuffer for any beauty or nail obsessed person is nail polish. End of story.
Chameleon "Calypso", Essie "Beach Bum Blu" + "It's Genius" + "Sexy Divide", Borghese "Stellare Notte"
I'll be honest- I already had this Borghese. But I won't complain- this is fantastic in water marbles, so I'll definitely use it. Onto the random purchases!
Glitter Gal "Silver 3D Holographic", American Apparel "Smoke Dazzle", Nubar "Gem", Seche Vite
This picture got a little foggy near the Glitter Gal- But that WILL have a separate post. SOOO STUNNING! I'll be sure to take sunlight pics if I can get some! a.d see the little white lifesaver in the pic? The seller on Amazon included it in my package XD Gotta love candy from strangers! These last ones are a few stragglers-
Random box set- no names :(
 These are... well... extremely sheer. Like, sheerer than sheer. But, they do have one use! Glitter samiches!
Revlon "Smoldering"
If you thought this looked like Wet n' Wild "Gray's Anatomy", or the American Apparel one from this post, you'd be right. I'll be doing a comparison post on those 3 soon :)

So there you have it! Random polishes!
Next is an OPI collection post- figured I'd do that for some reason :P then I'll do some of the posts I promised xp

Luv y'all!

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  1. depending on how old icing's frost yourself is, have you seen 'how to lose a guy in 10 days'? it may have been taken from there, and refers to a woman wearing diamonds... just saying. might not be a dumb name after all. :)