Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pure Ice "Strapless"

I like cheap polishes :)
By cheap I mean in price, not quality of course.

Anyway, for some reason I decided on glitter. (Shocker, no?) And for some reason, I chose this one. And now I am a happy girlie :D

Pure Ice "Strapless"

Beeeuutiful! It's a chameleon- in some lights it's the purest electric blue, in others teal, even blue-greeney. This was three thick coats. And only one coat of Seche! normally I expect glitters to omnom on my Seche so I have to add 2 coats, but this guy was sooo smooth! And sparkly. Very sparkly.

Also, one of my guy friends even noticed it! he looked at me after school and randomly said, "You're nails are very zesty today Nicole!" I love when men notice my nail polish with out being prompted- it's like the seal of approval to me :)

After 2 days of this, I decided to spice it up with a water marble: I used Wet n' Wild "Black Creme" and Color Club "Femme Fatale" (FF was just for a sheer base so that you could still see the blue... but it added a few little pink sparklies too!)

My favorite wittle thumb :)
This turned out really well for a rushed marble... I was super happy. I feel like water marbles are an instant "OMYGEE your nails are sooooooo cool!" reaction- they're just different.

More Holo-ey Holo Omnoms tomorrow!!

Luv y'all!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Holo-ey Holo Omnoms #1

Yes, I now introduce a new segment here on Polish for Thought: HHO (Holo-ey Holo Omnoms) Here, we will spotlight all the delicious holographic polishes we can get our hands on! I decided to start with the best linear holo I own- Glitter Gal "3D Silver Holographic" Mmmmmm....

this picture's cool.....

indirect lighting
This was one coat over Essie "The Sexy Divide" :

that was obviously pre-cleanup...

My main complaint about the holo polish is that it's a little tough to manage the brush- its long and flimsy, so it kinda mops on the polish. and I might thin it because you can barely tell it's purple under there... and I also want to stretch the bottle as long as I can ;)

So there you have it!! Can't wait to do more of these HHO's!!

Luv y'all!
P.S- This wore soooo well! at the end of 8 lazy days all I had was a little tip wear and one minor chip!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nail Polish Obsession Tag! (Lots and lots of pics!)

 << DISCLAIMER >> I did these swatches in a huuge rush, so please excuse the messy ugliness and terrible pictures! kay thanks :)

Hey guys! I saw this tag on youtube and decided I wanted to answer it! And I threw in skittle swatches!!! (Don't judge; they were rushed)

     1. What is your favorite nail polish company?
Ok, I'm gonna give the completely cliche answer and say I can't pick. But I have a reason! I always tell people that not every brand can make every color- brands are always new and inventive, and they can't dupe each other all the time. One brand can't have every cool polish. But... if I was hard pressed I'd say....... OPI, or like drugstore polishes. <- that couldn't be anymore vague... here are some of my favorite drugstore polishes though :)
Left to Right: Sally Hansen "DVD"; Sally Hansen "Purple Pizzazz"; Sally Hansen "Glass Slipper" over black; Revlon "Emerald City"
 Ok so maybe my favorite drugstore brand is Sally Hansen....
"Glass Slipper" and "Emerald City" (suede)

"Purple Pizzazz"
 You can't see from this messy job, but PP is a purple jelly with little flecks of gold in it. Really cool.
Multichromey glass-fleck from the drugstore? Yea! This makes my top ten favorite polishes in my collection.

     2. Glitter or no glitter?
That's a stupid question..... GLITTER! Glitter to me is magical... I always try to force myself to buy more cremes for nail art, but in the end I never wear them. My challenge to all of you is to find a creme that I can love. Whoever does that wins a glitter polish ;) but here are my favorite glitters: (as you can tell, I'm a big fan of layering glitters)
Icing "Epic Winning"; Butter London "The Black Knight"+"Tart with a Heart"

Hard Candy "Break Up" over black, Nina Ultra Pro "Purple X-ing"
 Purple X-ing is a purple holo jelly... I'll have to wear that soon
 Oh God! The horrors!!! Terrrrrrrible swatches here :( I recommend you look at my post on the Butter Londons.... this is just pitiful.)

    3. OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?
Gotta go with OPI on this one. It's a close tie with China Glaze though. Seeing as my best friend can get me any current color I want, it's an easy addiction to feed :P here are the skittles of some of my favorite oness (all over black):

OPI "Man of La-Mancha"+ "Save Me"+ "Last Friday Night"

OPI "I Lilly Love You"+ "Man of La-Mancha"+ "Save Me"

Duochromey goodness :D
 Man of La-Mancha is a dusty dusty... and a $3 find!

   4. When do you change your nail polish?
Depending on how I feel, every couple of days or so :D

   5. What's your favorite color on your nails?
BLUEEE  :D Turquoise blue, light blue, dark blue, shimmery blue, matte blue, whateveeer :/ It's the best.
Jesse's Girl "Mermaid Lagoon"+ "Glee"; Sally Hansen "Pacific Blue"

Wet n' Wild "Blue Wants To Be a Millionaire?" the two Jesse's Girls

 I tried to show you the holo in the "BWTBAM" but it just didn't work...

 But do you see that bronze shimmer in ML?!?!?!

   6. Darks or brights?
I like neons and brights and what not, but those deep, shimmery, vampy colors are fascinating to me... i hold them in the sun to try and make the little shimmers appear :)
OPI "Play Till Midnight"

Color Club "Revvvolution"
 Black holo... mmmmm.... and yes it is spelt like that :)

   7. What are you wearing on your nails right now?

This is OPI "A Oui Bit of Red", a no name silver glitter, and Milani's Black Crackle.

   8. Matte nails?
I'm.... meh on matte nails. I love them a lot, but matte nail polish colors seems like a waste to me. I need to put a topcoat to feel like it will actually wear well. I'd rather add my favorite matte topcoat because then I feel better :)

Warpaint Beauty "Matte"
 He's from Hot Topic :)

   9.French manicure?
Only funky frenches.

   10. Favorite winter color?
I'm not one to change my color choices with the season.... If I want to wear neon pink, gosh darn it I WILL! but if I had to make a recommendation, it'd be ....
Zoya "Neeka"
 Or Sinful Colors "winterberry"... same thing but with out the gold fleckies.

   Bonus! 11. What's your favorite finish of nail polish?
If I had to pick a top two, probably flakies:

Essie "Shine of the Times"
And HOLO!!!! (I wonder which is my favorite  ;))
Glitter Gal "3D Silver Holographic"

 This polish will get it's own post very soon... tomorrow perhaps?

thanks for reading!

Luv y'all!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Nicole by OPI "Nicole's Nickle"

Alrighty then. Today's NOTD is from Nicole by OPI. And I looooove it!

This polish does have a story, and while it's fairly simple, I think it adds something special. During a club volleyball season, my friend Jill started calling me Nickle... and so was born an inside joke :D (we had many more.... if you saw the shirt she signed it would say "Aww Nickle, you made me ink... lobster bisque soup!" and I don't expect any of you to understand that at all ;)  ) Anyways, I picked up this bottle in a store a while ago, and saw the name and instantly smiled. I mean c'mon! "Nicole's Nickle"??? a glitter, AND a good name? Perfection! But I didn't have enough money, so I didn't get it. And so started the cycle- "It's still here!" "I don't need it..." "I found it!" "Maybe another time....", So on and so forth. But when I had a Target giftcard, and there it was, I grabbed it. And here we are today!

 Nicole by OPI "Nicole's Nickle". Mmmmmm silver glitter... I needed this. It's sort of a tarnished silver base with two sizes of silver glitter- a small particled one and a medium sized hex shaped one. This was two coats! Not exactly one coat glitter, but it's definitely too dense to be layered. And I'm not sure with that smokey silver base I would want to layer it- Unless it's over black, it would make the underwear look icky and foggy. I think it's a stunner just the way it is. After about the 6th finger or so, application got a little gluggy. I had to put on the cap and shake it a little to get it to work with me for the second coat.
 I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but when it separates from not being shaken, there's a distinct blue liquid floating in there. So in different lights, it may be blue toned... I'll have to wait and see. One good thing about this picture? You can see the different sizes of glitter in there.
 Just a picture of the brush. This is a fairly new brush for as much as  I know- you can see below a brush I have in an older Nicole polish:
Nicole by OPI "Flirt Alert"
 This is my first ever Nicole by OPI polish, called "Flirt Alert" I used this soooo much as a kid- there's only about half a bottle left :( but this is the original brush- the usual smaller brush that is mostly like China Glaze brushes.
And just for fun, here's a picture of the front label. New bottles don't have this, but it says "Colors with a Conscience"... wonder why that's not on newer bottles XP honestly? Conscience? I still don't understand it :P

So there we have it! I wonder what will be on the nails.... tomorrow? ;)

Love y'all!