Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Let's Catch Up Shall We?

So after that long blogging break, I had a lot of new polishes, and a lot of new manicures. However, I only remembered to actually take pictures of 3 of them. So, in an attempt to catch you guys up, here we go!

This lovely one is Milani's Dude Blue, with an accent nail topped in Essie's Shine of the Times. I really love flakies.... and I've actually really been loving this blue- I think I've worn it twice in the past month. Which is.... exceptional. Really great application with it, and it's darn near perfect in 2 coats. I really recommend this!

This is the Milani swatched all by itself. I got this for my birthday in August (thanks Emily!)

This is Color Club's Untamed Luxury. This is STUNNING on the nail! I'm sure you've seen a thousand swatches of this by now, but it's a teal blue green jelly, with BEAUTIFUL glitter. It's really multi-dimensional for a fairly simple polish.

How I love new collections. Especially by drugstore brands. This, my lovely readers, is L'oreal's The Temptress' Power. Wow. I really love this one. It's a smooth warm-toned gold with a bright green flash. You can see that really well in the bottle shot below. In very certain lights, there's a little blue around the edges. I really like it. It's also surprisingly opaque- I believe this was 2 to 3 coats.

So that's that! I plan on posting all throughout the week, maybe even doing themes :)
Luv y'all!

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