Thursday, May 24, 2012

Opal Nails FTW!

Long time no post guys! I have final exams quickly approaching..... blahhhhh Chem needs to leave my life. Anyways ;D So as many of you may recall, I can NOT deal with my nails being A) not glittery B) too subtle. I mean it's just one of my things- boring nails make me wanna rip the polish off! Which is sad... seeing as boring nails don't include glitter, they're WAYY easier to remove than fun nails... But I digress :D

So lately quite a few bloggers have raved about white polishes, (namely the OPI NYC Ballet collection) and I always sit there saying, "how can they love this?!?! It's just so boring!"

The other night though, I was watching Youtube vids (as expected....) and decided I wanted to franken a sheeeeeeer white polish for french manis. Basically I decanted out a whole bottle of white (I just used it to refill another white) and added clear to the white left on the sides of the bottle. It was deliciously milky and jellyish :D I'm in love to say the least- no VNL in two coats! I was inspired to add flakie goodness :) Enter Essie "Shine of the Times." Instant opals!

These were artificial light. Gah I love these....

Sunlight pics! Hells YES! It's finally nice out here :D Summer here I come!

So in conclusion: I give you verry purty, very long post ;D Hope ya likes, and I really hope you guys try this out!!!

Luv y'all!

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