Sunday, June 10, 2012



Guys..... just..... ah! I check my Blogger dashboard everyday..... and when I saw this I practically got heart palpitations. I seriously just froze. CRISTINA:

This whole post is gonna be meme-loaded.... so prepare yourselves.

I mean..... I'm on Let Them Have Polish! This seriously made my whole life. I finished school this past Friday, (thank the good Lord) so not only did this start off my summer on the highest point possible, but since summer is here, manymanymanymanymanymany posts shall be coming! I know I've been kinda lazy with the blogging... I so sowie. But trust me, summer is the perfect time to spam you guys!

So finally, a huge all-encompassing thank you to Cris..... you are freakin spectacular and the cause of my fan girling moment I just had <3

And one more meme.... cuz i can :D

It's allllll mine right now....

Thanks again to Cris and all her readers!

Luv y'all!


  1. Holy cow! I just saw Cris' post with your polishes and they are amazing! The pink one is my fave but they are all really pretty! And I would be the same if she were reviewing something of mine; I love her nails and her blog and she seems like a super cool person. And now because of her blog post, you have a new reader! :)

    1. I also have a blog if you'd care to check it out. It's very new and small at the moment but hopefully I'll grow. I didn't see an e-mail to send you a link and I hope you don't mind if I leave a link here. Feel free to delete it if you don't want it here.

    2. Thank you so much! I know this is well.... a small blog to say the least ;D every reader means a lot to me!! and I'll definatly check out your blog- we small bloggers gotta stick together! thanks so much for commenting!