Sunday, July 1, 2012

Help guys!

Ok. I know in the past I have posted telling you about my lemmings and such, but now is the time my readers NEED to help me. This is not just a lemming- I have an idea brewing with this one.

So I'm sure by now you've heard of OPI Black Spotted- that shatter-like concept that looks more like an oil spill on your nails? ya. that. Need. Not just because it looks cool as a product, but because I have a very specific idea I want to try with it.

Now I've debated whether or not I wanted to tell you guys what I've been thinking- did I want someone to steal my precious idea and do it themselves? Or did I want to wait long enough to get mine before mentioning it? Well, I have come to the decision I shall tell you, as it is unlikely I can get this and it's like I'm getting this on record as my idea xD But if you do use this idea, tell me how it went!! I'd love to know if it does :)

Ok. My idea is to franken with it. Now I don't mean using it to darken another color, hoping it'll still be spotty. People who own this have described it as the aforementioned "oil slick" effect. What I wanted to try was to make it even closer to that. TKB Trading has a pigment, which I own, call "Travel to Pluto". It's green, it's pink, it's so much duo-multi-chromeyness that I lovee. Now to those who may not know this method, if you add a duochrome pigment to a black polish, it makes a cool dark smokey duochrome- got to Dr. Frankenpolish's blog to see some examples there.

Now. If one were to put a rainbow-duochrome pigment in Black Spotted, it would have that duo-chrome, no? And it would still spot, provided you put in just the right amount of pigment. (I did something similar with glitter in black shatter that worked well) So not only would it be oil-slick spotty, it would also have that weird iridescent rainbow oil can have.

So that's that I suppose. If anyone could be so freakin awesome as to swap some Black Spotted with me, or if I could buy it off ya, I would love you forever.... and I'd be able to test my theory :D

So ya. Let's see how this goes then :)

Luv y'all!!

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