Thursday, May 24, 2012

Hair Shall Be Choppethed!

Hi guys! So this is my "before" post of my hair: I'm getting a haircut, and I wanted to document my hair length and give some hair tips while I'm at it. Is this nails related? Ermmmm no. But change is refreshing isn't it?

Ignore my ugly face in the first pic lol xP no makeup...... anywhos, this is the length. to my chest in the front, and mid back. I straightened it for this picture, but it rarely cooperates with me.... gahh curse my thick hair!!!! Literally I straighten it in 6 layers. Gosh I guess we always want a hair type we can't have :p

So ya! This is it. To those who were wondering, I got my hair dyed a while ago (maybe 3-4 months?) to a dark brown... this has started to wear off a bit, but my hair on the left in the first picture shows what it normally looks like- sorta a medium toned brown. I normally just get trims, I think the last time I got a new style was like 6th grade ;D But back then I didn't have the motivation to actually do my hair every morning. So this shall be different!!! But... I'm not telling you what I'm doing! Take yur bets! Make yur guesses! Because I'm not getting it done until this Saturday :p At least you guys get to see the pic once I get the cut- I'm not posting any pictures on Facebook because it's a surprise for my best friend..... She doesn't even know i'm changing my hair!

Also, she didn't recognize me at all when I got it 2 shades darker... this should be interesting >:D

Luv y'all!

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