Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Nail Polishes!

Okay. I'm slightly scared to write this post. While I know about 70% of the rest of the nail bloggers out there obviously have more polish than I do, it still kinda makes me guilty to see/ count all my polishes together. Is it enough to make me stop buying polishes? Well hell no but I digress ;)

 Here they are.... All 5 shoe boxes of em. If you were wondering about my storage methods, I just sorta grab miscellaneous boxes and use them. And surprisingly enough, I know where everything is. If you said, "Where's OPI Not like the Movies?" I'd say, "First box, middle, next to Pure Ice Strapless." It's an organized chaos, no?

 Box #1! These are all my older ones. Around my OPI Last Friday Night is where my obsession started. By the way, there won't be much to say on these boxes since they're organized by when I got them. If I ever decided to put them in according to colors I'd go crazy. I mean once they were in a nice order, I'd have to rearrange as soon as I got a new polish. I prefer to be lazy :D
Box #2

Box #3

Box #4
EDIT: This box is now full..... Sorry wallet......
Box #5: Fankens!!
Yay! I can actually write about this box!! These are all the frankens that I have. I stress the "have" because a lot of the frankens I've made have been given to friends/ family/ other bloggers. If you want me to do a post on all my frankens please ask.... cuz I need motivation ;D I'm sorta dying of a cold... so ya! Oh, just in case you were wondering, the few polishes on the right side of the white cloth are the un-nameds.

Tis all!
Luv y'all! byeeeeeee

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