Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wet n' Wild Palettes! Pt. 1

Hey guys! Happy Thursday! 
I went to Walgreen's yesterday and got two palettes from wet n' wild- their "comfort zone" 8 shade palette, and their "baked not fried" 6 shade baked palette. After seeing Vintage or Tacky rave over these, I was on a mission to get the baked palette (I really wanted to get the blue, but I decided to stick with colors I would wear regularly). And I saw the 8 shade one and decided to take that too :) But OMG guys am I glad  I did! That's probably my favorite out of the two. So onto pictures and swatches!

 First up- the baked palette in Baked, Not Fried.
All of the baked palettes have 2 marbelized colors in the center with regular baked shadows on the others.
Here's a general overview of the swatches- they're order corresponds with the palette pic
and next a closer look at each row-
The first row has what I would call highlighters- a shimmery white-ish silver and a gold. The gold is a tiny bit flakey, but not horribly difficult to apply
These are the marbelized ones- they're probably the most pigmented ones in the set. The first one is kind of duo-chromey pink to champagne, while the second is a more gold version of that. 
The last row- first a sort of dusty- rusty gold when swatched. Here's my problem with this- if you look at the whole palette pic, it looks like a reddened copper rusty color- but here it just looks gold. Intersting...and a very... interesting one. it's a darker bronzey brown- very interesting and unique on the skin.
So that's the first palette! Next post will be on the second palette.
Pigmentation on these was... not thrilling. Bad? No. But not necessarily great either. But if you work with them wet, they work really well. The brush is really able to grab onto the pigment :) When I used them dry for a look, it was more for a wash of color rather than a full- on eyeshadow. That's it for now- second palette next!
I found my set at Walgreens, $4.99
Luv ya'll!

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