Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Guess What I Just Ordered!

I just placed an order with Amazon.... can you guess what I got? C'mon! Guess!

No? No guesses? I'll give you a hint- Nail polish of course!

Anyways, I conveniently got a gift card to Amazon in the mail from my aunt for Christmas, so I had to spend it right away! I got 2 polishes, which will be swatched- once I get them of course! I don't want to tell you what they are yet- the element of surprise is too tempting! Normally I can't keep a secret, but this will have to wait. they should come near the end of the month- like a late Christmas present!

Now, I must rant- I cannot keep the annoyance inside.... I will die a deadly death. Of deadness. Anyways, this is solely about Amazon- why Amazon, must you make my life more difficult?

Okay, here's the thing- I hate that they have reandom sellers on Amazon. What happens is I add everything to my cart, say "yay! I kept the total right under the amount of the gift card!" (which is no small feat- it is a beautifully orchestrated effort to get those products exact!) go to check out, and get socked with like 7 different shipping costs! wth????? Can't Amazon have a flat rate for shipping???? then I hafta go back, and delete items that I was really excited about getting, and watch my cart of 10 things dwindle down to 2. 2 lonely polishes. Makes me sad.

Anyways... expect more swatches tomorrow. I'll probably group the other two Christmas presents together in one post... they are polar opposites, (pun intended... oh you haven't seen the post yet... crap.... awkward joke.... :( come back tomorrow) but they will be grouped for my sanity :)

Luv ya'll!

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