Friday, January 11, 2013

Fiber Optics Nail Foil

Hello lovelies! It's a Friday post-a-thon day and the second manicure I have to show you is a nail foil mani. I got this (and all my foils) from Dollar Nail Art. I've had these foils for years now and haven't used them much (due to the terrible wear of them) but it's an effect that I really love. I just wish I could find a top coat that wouldn't wrinkle the surface- if i could I'd wear them all the time.

This foil is a multi-lined design, in which each line is independently holographic from the rest. It creates a really interesting effect on the nails, but in light it looks absolutely ridiculous.

Obligatory blurry shot to show the holo effect in all its glory.

Here you can see those individual lines. If you want a tutorial on how I apply my nail foils, let me know :)

Luv y'all

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