Thursday, April 19, 2012


Guys. I iz so sowie. I may/ may not have slacked a little with blogging. urghskeojfk dsngdfskjla;geioar!

Anyways, today i plan on posting about many things: the first of those is the nail art I'm currently wearing:
 Ok. A lot going on here. Just so you guys know, I hate that freakin ring finger. It looks so stupid... I wish I'd just gone with the flake glitters like the rest of my nails. *sigh*..... Can't win 'em all I suppose. Any whos, the base of all this is Essie "Dive Bar", which is a deep, dark teal blue with a slight purple to green duo-chrome. I likes it :) then I sponged Jessie's Girl "Glee" on the tips in a beveled French mani. Over that, I did Wet 'n Wild "Kaleidoscope" (yuusssss I spelt that right on my first try >.> ) Finally, I placed these cool little shard- style silver glitters. I really love these- you get to kinda make a mosaic out of them.
 Blurriness to show the holo-ness ;D
And the obligatory awkward- thumb shot. Ahhhh he is an awkward beast eh?

Well that's all on this manicure.... onto the next post!

Luv y'all!

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