Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eyeshadow (Is it Still Called a Franken?)

.... I mean I mixed it, but is that the right term? Any whos, I made this eyeshadow for a very special blogger and I really liked it... so I made some more to show you guys! (and yes, for once I was a good blogger and remembered to write down the recipe!)

pigment in indirect light

pigment under direct artificial light
 Ain't he purty? I really like this. It's sort of a silvery mousey-ish brown/ taupe with INSANE blue, violet, and green reflects. Oh, and a lil duochrome for good measure. 'Tis very sparkly.

These are the swatches: wet, over primer, and by itself.
direct artificial light

indirect light
It's really thick and rich when used wet! But it's at its most blingiest and sparkliest when it's dry, sans primer, so I'll probably put down a layer wet then do a dusting over.

I have two main probelms with this: I can't figure out a good look to do with this. That's a main concern with duochromes and stuff that has so many dimensions- they are impossible to pair with stuff. The other problem is that the pigment gets everywhere- lotsa fallout with such a sparkly color.

Here's a recipe for ya! These are all from TKB, and the measurements are using their metal measuring spoons, so no, I am not using some convoluted system ;D
1 pinch of Travel to Venus
1 dash of Violet Sparkle
1 tad of Nosy Be Chameleon
2 tads of Chamoisee

pinch= small scoop
dash= medium scoop
tad= large scoop

So there ya go! I did make a franken polish out of this, but it didn't turn out the way I wanted so I won't show you :p

Luv y'all!!

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