Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Franken #1- Mermaid's Bliss

So when I say Franken #1, I don't mean my first franken ever made. I simply mean it's the first one I've posted about :)

So here we have Mermaid's Bliss. In the bottle, it's a sea-blue green with tons of different types of glitter. I am so sorry, I really am, but I couldn't give you the recipe if I wanted to. I just remember using TONS of different polishes, and the only two I can actually remember are Icing Frost Yourself and Jesse's Girl Glee. That's all I remember, but there is soooooo many more. Sorry!! I promise to write down every recipe from now on!

 These are all swatched over black. as you can see, you lose most of the blue base. :( But there is tons of glitter in there. And it's all pretty different- it reminds me of a more delicate multi- glitter top coat. Some nice holo glitter in there too.

I was in Lush on Saturday and the sales woman I was talking to grabbed my hands and started tilting them in the light. She asked where I got the polish, and when I said I'd made it she was pretty excited :P But she suprised me- I'm so used to having to dumb- down the beauty talk around my friends (because let's be honest- none of my friends will understand if I say I bought a really pretty duo-chrome with some holographic glitter.) But she asked if I swatched it over black, and said she loved the little holographic glitters in it.

Well played, Lush Lady. Well played.

Oh and sorry for the tip wear. This is after 5 days of wear (which is an abnormally long amount of time for me.)

Some close-ups of the bottle. I'm dying to try this over a green!

Thanks for reading! I hope to post a lot more of my frankens- I have a lot to catch up on!

Luv y'all!

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