Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blog Swap

I was looking at my blog updates, and saw quite a few blog sales up. And while I don't want to deal with paypal, I would like to *attempt* a swap. I'll post all the fine print stuff down below, but here's what I have to offer, and some stuff I'd like.... But I'm not picky, so any swap someone wants to arrange is fine by me :)

First up- custom franken polishes.
At the moment, I have plenty of supplies to make about 5-10 frankens per swap (max). I am able to make a lot of interesting glitter combos, and feel free to ask about anything :) I also have some pigments to make duochromes and such :) The bottles are around 6 ml- the standard TKB Trading Justine bottles. Feel free to request several of one color so you have more. I'll send pictures of the polishes I've made for you in the swap so you know you'll like them, and I plan on giving 2 extra as "mystery polishes". :D

I also have access to the Sinful Colors line, Wet n' Wild, and most other drugstore brands. Just ask and I'll see if I can get my hands on it :)

Any other cosmetics or supplies go on ahead and  ask about.

Also, I recently got a HUGE bag of Kaolin Clay from TKB Trading. It's a fantastic oil absorber- I use it as a setting powder for my face and eyes everyday. But there's a lot in an 8 ounce bag, so just ask and I'll fill a standard pill jar with it.

Now what I'll trade for:
-Duo-chrome pigments/ glitters.The glitters do have to be solvent resistant as I'll use them in frankens.
-Any special effects top coats. I like pretty color changey stuff :)
-Magnetic polishes/ magnets
-MAC cosmetics. I honestly just want something so I can say I have MAC, so I wont be picky :)

As I've said a lot in this post, I'm not picky. At all :)

Now the fine print stuff: (AKA boooooring)
-The stuff I send you is confined to the bubble-wrapped envelopes. I can get different sizes, however nothing can be really fat.
-I won't be able to do international shipping for polishes. Customs is to annoying to deal with, and it's kinda sorta illegal. HOWEVER: If you wanted me to make you a franken out of pigments or glitters, I can send you a mix of what I would add, and you can just throw it in some clear polish. I can send dry ingredients, and non- laquer cosmetics.
-I won't sell stuff yet :/ I don't wanna deal with paypal and all that sorry! At this point, swaps only

Aaaaand that's it.

oh... no it's not!

So I had an idea, and it may seem stupid, but let's throw it out there. If you get anyone to follow my blog, and then you order something, for every person who says you sent them, you can have an extra polish of your choice :) So ya... let's see how this works!

Luv y'all!

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